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A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program

A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program

A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program   A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program
ROM Chip is installed in this remote for programming. Hole drilled to securely hold your keyring. See pictures for an example of what you will receive. Remote keyless entry fob alarm controller. Transmitter control clicker keyfob controller replacement. 82 11 1 467 015. Lock / Unlock / Panic. Please NOTE: ROM Chip Included - you will need this to sync the remote to your installed system. See Item Specifications for more details. 1992 1993 1994 1995 BMW 3 Series, 318i, 320i, 323i, 328i.

1993 1994 1995 BMW 5 Series, 525i, 530i, 535i, 540i. NOTE : Newer BMW E34s have a remote to lock unlock the doors and for the alarm. 3 buttons remote p/n: 88-88-1-600-292.

It should also work for the older same looking remote p/n: 82-11-1-467-015. Remove the rear seat bottom section. You will see an alpine alarm box located on the driver side. Remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the box over and you will see an access door.

Open the door carefully: you will see a small black button and a small slot where the remote chip (eprom) is placed. Remove the 2 Phillips head screws from your remote fob. You will see a small circuit board, a battery ad a chip.

This looks like a very small ram chip on a PC. Carefully remove the chip from the remote and plug it into the empty chip slot on the alpine alarm box. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to the 1st accessory position (Do not start the car). Go back to the alpine alarm box and hold the black button down for 10 seconds.

Remove your key from the ignition. Remove the chip from the alpine alarm box and put it back into the remote fob.

Re-mount the alarm box and seat bottom. Alternate Procedure from Steward E. Open the remote by removing the two screws and flip the cover open.

If the battery comes out of its position, make sure you put it back with + facing the correct side. Remove the chip that is to be programmed. It has a white label with a serial number on it. The chip might come out easily, or you might have to use a small screwdriver to open the socket.

The small plastic socket has a front end that can slide out if you pry gently with a small screw driver. This will make it easier to remove the chip. Remove the back seat of the car (because the alarm unit is under it). The seat cushion is removed by locating the securing clamps, one on each side, roughly in the middle behind the front seat and at the lower end on the front of the back seat.

Once you've located the clamp (you can feel where it is, but you can't see it), grab the lower end of the back seat at that point and pull hard up. The alarm will be under the back seat behind the driver's seat.

Use a 7mm wrench to loosen the two screws on the bracket in front of the alarm. When the alarm is loose, turn it upside down. Open the small plastic panel. Now you will see a socket identical to the one in the remote.

Insert the chip in this socket. Be careful and make sure it is inserted correctly.

Turn on the ignition on the car. Go back and press the small button to the upper left corner of the chip you just installed.

Hold the button down for just a few seconds. Turn off the car's ignition, remove the chip and install it into the remote. The remote should now work. Install the alarm unit and back seat and you're all se. Signs of a factory alarm will be a valet momentary switch and honk when arming/disarming toggle switch on a bracket under the driver's side dash, a red LED on the steering column in front of the gauge cluster, and the brain located under the glove box and behind the passenger side knee panel.

Remotes were Alpine one button and three button. Remotes had one red LED and operated off a ROM chip system and used a CR2025 battery. The battery can be commonly found at most any drugstore. Remotes cannot be commonly found. ROM chips are even more scarce and should be cherished.

Luckily you only need one to program the system. Alarm had a glass break sensor as well as traditional door and trunk sensors. It did not have a hood pin or shock sensor but aftermarket units can be added. There is one unused alarm input which can be clearly seen if you open the brain. When you look at the brain, there are 2 harness inputs, a main input that carries power, ground, ignition, etc.

And a sensor input that carries the signals from the door and trunk triggers. The extra unused input would be the prong on the brain's sensor input which does not have a corresponding prong and wire on the harness plugged into the brain.

Dip Switches for adjusting the alarm duration (30 or 60 secs when triggered) the exit delay (20 sec or 10 sec), entry delay (15 sec or 25 sec) passive arming (on/off) and the sensor cancel (on/off) are located on the brain itself behind the access door. I dont know what the other 2 buttons were for on the 3 button model. Possibly for locking and unlocking without arming the alarm.

Holding the arm/disarm button for a few seconds activates the panic mode. Although many have moved on from this basic alarm, some may still have it or want it and so I provide this info. The factory alarm system in my car was the one button version of this three button remote. The one button version had only the upper button but was otherwise identical. Inside the remote in a small removable chip that houses the program to sync a particular remote with a particular brain. The remote will not operate without the ROM chip. Your alarm brain MAY have a replacement chip already sitting in the slot. The slot is marked "fuse rom" and will either be empty or contain a replacement ROM chip identical to the one in the remote. This is good news if you ever need to obtain a replacement remote. For a long time I thought that the chip in the brain was necessary for proper functioning of the brain, but this is not the case.

If there is a ROM chip in the brain it is only a replacement, a backup and you can remove it and place it in a new remote. How to find out if this remote is compatible with your Vehicles installed RKE System. If you're not sure your vehicle can use this remote, please ask questions or contact your local dealer first.

Check the back of your current or old keyless remote to match FCC ID /Part #s. Contact your local dealer and tell them your VIN# and ask what part # / FCC ID you need. Your vehicle will be installed with one of the following keyless entry systems.

Standard Keyless Remote Packages: Installed at time of manufacture. Optional Keyless Remote Packages: Installed by a dealer. Aftermarket Keyless Remote Packages: Installed by previous owner or a car/audio shop.

No remote keyless entry system at all. The above information can change which remote you need for your installed remote keyless system. Due to scams etc, we DO NOT respond to emails. Messages & Best Offers are checked throughout the day & we typically respond 7 days a week.

We ensure proper working condition of all previously used or new remotes through a serious of tests performed with the Santronics Testing device. Does this keyless remote entry come with a battery? It will have a working battery installed. Installed batteries are not tested for battery life- they are simply working.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown
  • Other Part Number: 82111467015 700 K 1070 keyfab fab fob
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front
  • Surface Finish: 3 button: Lock, unlock, panic
  • Features: Remote Start
  • Programming Required: See seller notes (above) for details
  • Frequency: 315 MHz
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: A269ZUAO17 A269ZUA017 FCCID FCC ID
  • Part Brand: BMW
  • Battery: Installed / 1: CR2025
  • Stock #: 272I "CX"
  • Condition Specifics: Stock Photo / cosmetic wear / faded buttons
  • Logo: OEM Logo - faded on front top-right of remote
  • Type: Wireless
  • Interchange Part Number: 700K1070 88-88-1-600-292 dealer security Japan
  • Brand: BMW
  • Warranty: 30 Days

A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program   A269ZUA071 Keyless entry remote 3 5 Series 93 94 95 transmitter beeper +Program