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Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System

Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System

Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System  Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System
2-way car security and remote start system. PLEASE SEE THE BELOW LIST OF OPTIONAL ALARM ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM. Directed Electronics 509U Ultrasonic Interior Alarm. Directed Electronics VSM350 Viper SmartStart GPS Tracking. Enjoy the convenience of remote starting. You can start your car from up to a quarter mile away with Viper's Model 5305V remote start and security system. Just push a button on the remote, and your car will be warmed or cooled just to your liking when you get to it. The remote also arms and disarms the alarm, unlocks the doors, and pops open the trunk if you want. The LCD screen on the 2-way remote shows you that your vehicle has responded to your every command, while icons light up on the screen to show you if a security feature has been activated. Cold weather dwellers, you can program the 5305V to keep the engine warm by starting your car automatically every three hours, or whenever the temperature falls to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The 5305V system will stop most thieves from stealing your vehicle and the property you keep inside it you'll feel safe and secure no matter where you park. The system uses features like Starter Kill, which prevents hot-wiring. It also includes a dual stage shock sensor with a 6-tone siren that provides a warning chirp if someone lightly bumps your car, and then unleashes an ear-splitting blast if the intrusion continues, chasing away crooks and attracting attention.

Viper includes in this package a control center with a valet switch and a bright LED status indicator that warns would-be thieves that there's a security system onboard. Four auxiliary channels allow you to add functions like turning on interior lights or the rear window defogger. Automotive remote start and security system. One 4-button LCD 2-way remote and one 4-button 1-way remote up to 1/4-mile range.

Remote start function is for fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles with automatic transmissions. SuperCode® remote encryption for added security. Arm, disarm, auxiliary, and panic. Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor chirps when the vehicle's bumped and sets off the alarm with further violations.

Neo Revenger® 6-Tone Siren 120 dB weatherproof siren. Failsafe® Starter Kill prevents hot-wiring. Horn honk, dome light supervision, and parking light flash.

Compatible with XPRESS KIT DBALL2 vehicle interface module. Compatible with all VIPER SMART STARTsmartphone modules. Control module: 4-1/8"W x 1-1/4"H x 3-3/4D.

What's in the box? One 7345V 5-button LCD transmitter.

One 7145V 4-button transmitter (with two CR2016 batteries installed). 514LN Soft-chirp Siren with attached 70 leads. Control Center/Antenna/Valet button with self-adhesive back. DoubleGuard Shock Sensor with 24 harness (4-pin). Main harness (5-pin) with 39" + 51" leads and two in-line ATO fuses (10A + 15A).

Door lock harness (3-pin) with two 59 leads. Auxiliary/Shutdown/Trigger Harness (24-pin) with attached 18" + 39" +78 leads. Remote start harness (10-pin heavy gauge) with 32 leads and three 20A in-line fuses. 10' Antenna/receiver flat cable (with 6-pin connectors on each end).

Pin switch (with 0.25 male quick slide). 0.25 Female quick slide. SECURITY FEATURES REMOTE START FEATURES KEYLESS FEATURES. Overview: The Viper Model 5305V 2-way Security and Remote Start System will protect your vehicle with the most up-to-date electronic technologies available, including Remote Start, the Stinger Double-Guard shock sensor, the Revenger six-tone siren, and the Failsafe Starter Kill. The system has 4 auxiliary outputs to provide keyless entry and other convenience features. Installation: Because of the complexity of modern vehicles and remote start and keyless entry systems, EXPERIANCED INSTALLATION is recommended.

Automatic Transmission Vehicles Only: Remote starters on manual transmission vehicles operate differently than those with automatic transmissions. For this reason, the 5305V is recommended for vehicles with automatic transmissions only. Remotes: The Model 5305V includes two transmitters with an operating range of up to a 1/4 mile: the 7345V, a 5-button LCD transmitter with 2-way operation, and the 4-button 7145V transmitter with 1-way operation. The LCD on the 7345V transmitter displays command response feedback and system status using 18 icons.

The remotes have dedicated buttons for Lock, Unlock, Remote Start, and Aux/Trunk. The 7345V also has a Program button. You can reach additional levels of commands, auxiliary channels, and programming options using the Program button on the 7345V.

The 7345V remote is powered by a single AAA AKALINE battery (included), while the 7145V remote is powered by a CR2016 battery (installed). Multi-car Control: The 7345V 2-way remote control can operate up to four vehicles with full command capability for all vehicles. The numbered icons on the remote (1, 2, 3, 4) will indicate which of the controlled vehicles is currently being controlled by the remote.

While the system is armed, if a Warn Away or full alarm is triggered on any of the programmed vehicles, that vehicle's number will be displayed along with the vehicle's status. Multi-car control is not possible on the 7145V 1-way remote. Encryption: The system features 66-bit code encryption to prevent remote cloning and code-grabbing.

SmartStart Compatible: The Model 5305V is compatible with Viper's SmartStart module that enables you to operate specific functions of the system from your smartphone. Available SmartStart modules include theVSM300 and VSM350 (with GPS). Control Center: In addition to the hideaway control module, the system also includes a control center. This newly redesigned module includes the RF remote antenna, the status LED, and a control button to engage the Valet Mode or Emergency Override.

The control center should mounted high on the front windshield using the supplied dual-sided adhesive. D2D Port: The hideaway Control Module (brain) is equipped with a 4-pin D2D port which allows the 5305V to be connected to the vehicle via an XpressKit wiring interface. There are interfaces available for hundreds for vehicles which can save hours of cutting and splicing into factory wires by plugging between the alarm system and the vehicle's wiring harnesses. Failsafe Starter Kill: To prevent your vehicle from being stolen, the control module has a built-in relay which, when activated, will prevent the engine from starting.

To start the car, it will be necessary to disarm the system with the remote control. Revenger Siren: The Model 5305V includes the Revenger Soft Chirp siren (model 514LN). It consists of six different tones in sequence.

Any of the tones can be eliminated, resulting in a unique, easily identifiable siren sound. The siren chirps can be either full volume (120dB) or six decibels quieter than the full alarm blast.

The length of time the siren sounds can be set at 30 or 60 seconds at the time of installation. The sensitivity of the shock sensor is adjustable using the rotary control on the side of the shock sensor module. When the sensitivity is properly set, a light impact will generate the "Warn-Away" pre-warning chirp of the siren. A harder impact will trigger a full alarm blast.

Auxiliary Outputs: The 5305V has 4 Auxiliary Channel outputs that can activate many of the convenience features found in today's vehicles. Some possible convenience features include: Trunk release, Windows open/close, Sliding Doors open/close, Rear Hatch open/close, Sunroof open/close, Audio system, and Headlights. Note: Your vehicle must be compatible with the feature in order for it to be controlled by the alarm system.

Silent Mode: If you want to arm or disarm the alarm without the siren chirps, you can first put the system into Silent Mode. Active or Passive Arming: The 5305V can be armed actively or passively. Active arming means that the alarmed is turned on by pressing the Arm button on the remote.

With passive arming, the system is automatically armed 30 seconds after the last door has been closed. The Forced Passive Arming feature passively arms the system after one hour, even if a protected entry has been left open. This is useful if a door has been left ajar when leaving the vehicle. Similarly, Active and Passive Door Lock control locks or unlocks the doors at the same time the security system is armed or disarmed.

Ignition-controlled Door Locks: The system can be programmed to lock and unlock the doors as the ignition it turned on or off. If connected and programmed, the power doors will lock three seconds after the ignition is turned on, and unlock when the ignition is turned off. You can program the system to perform lock only, unlock only, or both. Multi-level Security Arming: You can choose which of the system's inputs or sensors are active, and which are bypassed, through Multi-level Arming. The bypassed zones are selected by the number of times you press the Lock/Arm button.

A confirmation siren chirp pattern will indicate the status. Multi-Arming Security Arming applies to a single arming cycle.

All zones are active again the next time the system is armed. Valet Mode: You can prevent the system from automatically arming/locking and triggering by using the Valet Mode. This is very useful when washing the vehicle or having it serviced.

In Valet Mode, the security system will not arm, even with the remote control, but all convenience features (door locks, trunk release) continue to work normally. Nuisance Prevention Circuitry: The Nuisance Prevention Circuitry prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences due to faulty door pin switches or environmental conditions, such as thunder, jackhammers, airport noise, etc. If the alarm triggers three times within a 60 minute period, and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, the NPC ignores, or bypasses, that sensor or switch (along with any other sensors or switches sharing the same zone) for 60 minutes. Power Saver: When the system is armed or in Valet mode, it will automatically enter the Power Saver mode to lower the current draw to the battery.

After 24 hours of being armed, the control center's LED will flash at half its normal rate. In Valet mode, the control center LED will illuminate steady. If the ignition is not turned on for a period of one hour, the LED will shut off, and remain off until the ignition is turned back on again. Bitwriter: Programming the system with a Bitwriter Programming tool (such as the Directed Electronics 998T) gives you access to a wider range of system options.

Programming details that only need to be set once can be accessed more easily with the Bitwriter. You can also lock out access to some features with the Bitwriter, preventing access to those features by remote. Optional Accessories: The Viper Model 5305V can accept a wide range of convenience and security accessories. Field Disturbance Sensor (item # 508D): Detects movement inside or just outside of your vehicle. Audio Sensor (item # 506T): For glass impact audio detection.

Tilt Sensor (item # 507M): Monitors the tilting of your parked vehicle (caused by an attempt to jack up or tow your vehicle). Ultrasonic Sensor (item # 509U): Monitors the airspace inside your vehicle to detect subtle window tampering.

Remote Start Overview: The Viper Model 5305V can start your car and run it by remote control from a distance of up to 1/4 mile for a preset amount of time. The remote start should be used on vehicles with automatic transmissions only. Run Time: The remote start will run the engine for a preset amount of time. The default run timer is 12 minutes, but you can change that to 24 or 60 minutes.

If you need more time, a Run Time Reset will start the run time counter again to give you additional time. Automatic Shut-down/Starter Lockout: After the vehicle is remote started, the remote starter will shut down when the brake pedal is pressed, the hood is opened, if the alarm is triggered when armed, or when the remote start command is sent again from a remote control. In addition, if the hood is opened or if the brake pedal is pressed, you cannot start the vehicle using the remote starter.

Diesel Start Delay: When the remote starter is installed in a diesel vehicle, the starter can be set to delay by a few seconds before engaging. By default, the engine will start when the "Wait-to-Start" indicator on the dashboard goes out. You can switch the Diesel Start Delay to a timed setting of 15, 30, or 45 seconds. Gasoline engines will start approximately 4 seconds after the system acknowledges the start command by flashing the parking lights.

Turbo Mode: The Turbo Mode keeps the engine running after arriving at your destination for a programmable period of time (1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes). This allows the turbo to sufficiently cool down after you have left the vehicle. The feature can be activated by remote control. Timer Mode: The Viper Model 5305V's Timer Mode automatically starts the engine to maintain battery charge or combat extreme cold when parked for an extended period of time. The Timer Mode feature starts the engine every three hours for a maximum of six starting cycles. The Timer Mode run time can be set to 3, 6, 9, or 12 minutes.

Another method of keeping the engine warm during extreme cold is the Temperature Start feature. Every three hours, the temperature is checked to see if the threshold of 0°F has been met or exceeded. If met or exceeded, the vehicle remote starts and runs for the programmed time, and will check the temperature again in three hours. If the temperature threshold has not been met, the remote start does not activate. Rear Defogger: When the rear defogger circuit is connected to the alarm output, the rear defogger will automatically come on when the vehicle is remote started.

You can also manually activate the rear defogger after the remote start is on. If the interior cabin temperature is above 55°F, the defogger will not activate. Pit Stop Mode: This feature allows the vehicle to remain running after the key has been removed from the ignition. This is useful for those occasions when you wish to exit and lock the vehicle for short periods of time while leaving the motor running and the climate controls on. Anti-grind Circuitry: Whenever the vehicle is started using the remote, advanced anti-grind circuitry prevents the starter from being engaged using the key.

In other words, it won't let you try to start the car with the key if the remote starter has already been engaged. This prevents damage to the starter motor.

The optional Failsafe Starter Kill relay must be installed in order for the anti-grind circuitry to work. Engine Checking: The 5305V has several options for checking the engine while it is running: Virtual Tach (default), Tachometer, or Voltage. No tachometer wire connection is required when set to Virtual Tach.

When the tachometer wire is connected, the system goes through a Tach Learning process. If the vehicle is over-revving, or the battery voltage is getting low, the system will shut off the engine.

Shutdown Switch: You can temporarily disable the remote start unit to prevent the vehicle from being remote started accidentally by switching the supplied neutral safety toggle switch to the Off position. Unlocking The Vehicle: The Model 5305V will remotely unlock the vehicle's doors only after the engine has been remotely started via the transmitter. The system can be programmed to lock and unlock the doors as the ignition is turned on or off. If properly connected and programmed, the power doors will lock three seconds after the ignition is turned on, and unlock when the ignition is turned off.

The lock and unlock functions are separately programmed. Note: When interfacing with any other type of factory door lock system besides negative switching locks, or when adding aftermarket actuators, two relays (such as two ACTUATORS) or a DOOR LOCK RELAY MODULE will be required. If your vehicle requires the use of a Data Integration module that controls your factory door locks, no extra parts besides the Data Integration module will be required. Driver Door Priority Unlocking: The system can be configured to emulate an OEM style of driver priority unlocking for additional safety and convenience.

When programmed, the driver door will unlock with the first press of the unlock button, and the remaining doors will unlock with a second press of the button. Comfort Closure: Some vehicles have the ability to roll the windows up or close the sunroof by turning the key in the door cylinder or holding the lock button of an OEM keyless entry. The system's Comfort Closure feature will emulate this convenience feature when properly programmed, automatically closing the windows and sunroof when the doors are locked.

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  • Features: Selectable run times ranging
  • Number of Remotes Included: 2

Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System  Viper 5305v 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remote Start System